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Our toolkits aggregate best practices from the field, scientific research, and insights drawn from our community of high-preforming managers and professionals managing mental health conditions.

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Supporting Employee Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This guide and presentation template outlines action-oriented tips and company examples to help managers and leaders support employee mental health during this time.

Mind Share Partners - Toolkit - Supporti
Workplace Mental Health 101 Downloadable

5 Ways to Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace

This toolkit outlines five things you can do right now for little-to-no cost that can influence the culture of workplace mental health at your company.

Mind Share Partners - Toolkit - Mental H

Creating an Employee Resource Group for Mental Health

Our free toolkit outlines the 7 essential steps to creating a mental health employee resource group (ERG).

Mind Share Partners - Suicide Infographi

Suicide, Mental Health, and the Workplace

This infographic includes a basic overview of the prevalence of suicide, role of the workplace, and how to support mental health at work.

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