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Leaders Go First

A Mental Health Awareness Campaign by

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What is a Leader Ally?

A leader ally is someone who shares their unique story about their personal connection to mental health either directly or in a supportive capacity. Leader allies inspire openness, authenticity, and true culture change.

"Ultimately, leader ally messages show that mental health challenges don’t preclude being a successful professional. When executive leaders share their personal mental health stories, it communicates safety and permits employees to feel comfortable discussing what is still an often taboo topic in the workplace."


— Kelly Greenwood, Founder, Mind Share Partners

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This campaign features leaders from:

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This campaign was featured in Harvard Business Review>

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A Special Note from the U.S. Surgeon General

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy shares a special message on the important role leaders play in supporting workplace mental health.


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Learn How To Share Your Story

We created this playbook to guide leaders (like yourself) through Mind Share Partners' best practices when sharing your personal mental health story.


By downloading our free playbook, you'll learn:


  • What are the benefits of storytelling?

  • What should I say?

  • What are common pitfalls to avoid?

  • ... and more

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Download the Playbook


Thank you to our campaign sponsor!

Join the Campaign 

By leaders sharing their stories, the Leaders Go First Campaign aims to normalize mental health at work, and create a culture of safety and support-seeking for all workers. Whether you are an executive, a manager, or individual leading mental health initiatives, your story matters and can create safety around talking about mental health at work.

How to join the campaign:

  • Read the playbook to ensure you follow best practices when drafting your mental health story.

  • Develop your story and choose how you want to share through video, written text, or audio.

  • Share your story on your social networks, and use the hashtag #LeadersGoFirst.

  • Tag Mind Share Partners on Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook for the opportunity for your story to be featured on our site and social networks! 

       LinkedIn and Meta: @MindSharePartners

       Twitter: @mindshareorg

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Bring Storytelling To Your Organization

We uniquely offer leader ally coaching as a core part of every client partnership where we help organizational leaders of all kinds create a unique and empowering story around their mental health experiences. We also offer employee storytelling sessions, including for offsites or team retreats.

Connect with Mind Share Partners to learn more and customize your strategy to create a mentally healthy culture at your organization.

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