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Impact Reports

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A few highlights from this year:

We launched our 2023 Mental Health at Work Report

Our Leaders Go First campaign featured 10 C-level leaders

92% of our manager training participants

in partnership with Qualtrics. Explore the state of workforce mental health and the future of work. Get the report >

each telling their personal story around mental health.

Explore their stories >

are more likely to regularly check-in with their team about mental health at work.

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“Over the past several years, we have partnered with Mind Share Partners to increase our focus on mental well-being through training, communication and additional benefits. They assisted us in creating the first ever mental health charter and guidelines for a law firm at Morrison & Foerster.

With their support and expertise, we have been able to strengthen the culture of the firm and how we prioritize the wellbeing of our people.”

- Jason L McCord
Chief HR & Administrative Officer

Morrison & Foerster, LLP (MoFo)

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Mind Share Partners is one of the only nonprofits in the U.S. focused exclusively on changing the culture of workplace mental health.

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