Mind Share Partners is one of the only nonprofits in the U.S. focused exclusively on changing the culture of workplace mental health.

Your contributions will directly support programs like our professional communities and free online toolkits.

Whether through an individual donation or company sponsorship, you are contributing to a growing movement.

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Together, we are one step closer to creating a world that acknowledges, accepts, and supports people with mental health conditions.

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Our Impact

"I finally feel like I am in a group with peers just like myself. Bright, motivated, accomplished, but struggling with an invisible disease."

Professional communities participant

"After the Mind Share Partners conference, we created our own Mental Health Fund, since our health insurance excludes it, and talked about it so our team knew we had their back and they'd be covered for emergency care for suicidal thoughts, etc. It's a start. Stigma runs deep. It's good that [Mind Share Partners] is helping workplaces talk about it!"

Mental Health at Work Conference Participant, May 2018

“What I got was a partnership with an organization that was really focused on trying to address mental health in the workplace from many different angles. All of those things together showed us as an employer concrete things we can do to break down the barriers of stigma.”

Director of People Operations, Checkr

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