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Join the Mental Health

ERG Community.

Connect and share with employee resource groups (ERGs)  that support mental health at work.

Join an exclusive network of ERGs from ~300 companies who are committed to creating mentally healthy workplaces.

From mental health to neurodiversity, accessibility, inclusion, and more, learn from and support other like-minded professionals leading mental health culture change within their companies.

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Slack channel

Connect, ask questions, and share insights across a variety of topics, from ideas for activities to how to handle confidentiality norms.

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Virtual Meet-Ups

Join online meet-ups that feature a variety of formats, from industry expert panels to focused discussions about specific topics.


Information & Resources

Mind Share Partners curates content to help ERG community members continue their learning and work.

Who Can Join?

Mind Share Partners' ERG community welcomes people of all identities who are:

  • Currently employed at a company or organization

  • Leading, members of, or thinking about creating an ERG or affinity group

  • Focused on mental health or includes mental health in their activities or content (such as disabilities, inclusion, neurodiversity, and more)

Why We Created This Community

In the last few years, a growing number of companies have created employee resource groups (ERGs) or affinity groups that are exclusively focused on mental health or include mental health in their programming (e.g., neurodiversity, disability).

Mind Share Partners created this community to equip ERGs with the knowledge and skills to maximize the potential of their communities while building a national network of mental health ERGs.

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I personally would like to thank Mind Share Partners for all of your support of this ERG and community from the very beginning when we were unsure, driven, and quite a bit scared on launching something that would make us so vulnerable.


You provided resources and insight that gave us direction, hope, and reminded us that what we were creating would matter to our peers. To which, you were right.


I'm thankful for Mind Share Partners, what you stand for and all that you're creating in this new area of diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

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Join the Mental Health ERG Community

Are you part of an employee resource group that focuses on mental health?

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Additional Resources for Mental Health ERGs

Mind Share Partners - Toolkit - Mental H


Creating an Employee Resource Group for Mental Health

Our free toolkit outlines the 7 essential steps to creating a mental health employee resource group (ERG).

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How to Form a Mental Health Employee Resource Group

Key steps and considerations to creating a mental health ERG; includes company examples.

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An Evolving List of Employee Resource Groups for Mental Health in the U.S.

See which companies have created ERGs for mental health.

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The Case for Mental Health Employee Resource Groups

Why companies like Google have a mental health ERG and how to start yours today.

Mind Share Partners' Training & Strategic Advising

We partner with companies to create a shared understanding of mental health at work, teach tools for compassionate and compliant communications, and build capabilities for creating an adaptive and inclusive culture.

Mind Share Partners Institute

Our offsite certification program leverages expertise from mental health, management, and legal fields to help you create a mentally healthy culture for yourself, your team, and your organization.