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Mental health affects every conference call, every meeting, and every team.

1 in 5 Americans

suffers annually from a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety.

8 in 10 employees

don’t seek treatment because of fear and shame.

$17 billion USD

is lost annually in productivity in the U.S. because of unaddressed mental health concerns.

Learn more about mental health across demographic groups.

Our mission is to build awareness, support, and acceptance in the workplace for people facing mental health conditions.

Our Programs

We partner with individuals, company leaders, and employers to create workplaces that support people managing mental health conditions.

Let’s take the opportunity to make our workplaces better, 
both for ourselves and for the bottom line.

Movement Building

We bring awareness, education, and tools to a vital workplace and human issue to eliminate the stigma of mental health at work.

Professional Communities

We offer confidential citywide forums for professionals to connect with other successful peers around workplace mental health topics.

Training & Advising

We help managers and colleagues to build safe spaces, facilitate hard conversations, and learn tools and strategies to navigate mental health at work.



“Not acknowledging that millions are dealing with mental health conditions is costing an enormous amount both in terms of dollars and cents and, more importantly, people's lives."

Arianna Huffington
Mental Health at Work Mini-Conference, May 2018

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