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Industry:        Financial Services, Technology

Size:                  3,200 employees

Location:         San Carlos, CA

Time frame:   August 2020 - September 2020


  • Executive Team session

  • Extended Leadership Team session

Result highlights: Among senior leaders at Oportun...

  • 91% had a better understanding of their role as a leader in supporting workplace mental health.

  • 91% felt more comfortable talking about mental health at work.

  • 91% felt better-equipped to support a colleague with their mental health.

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About Oportun

Oportun is a mission-driven Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides inclusive, affordable financial services powered by a deep, data-driven understanding of its customers and advanced proprietary technology.


By lending money to hardworking, low-to-moderate-income individuals, Oportun helps them move forward in their lives, demonstrate their creditworthiness, and establish the credit history they need to access new opportunities.

The Context

Amidst the events of 2020, Oportun focused their efforts around supporting employees through the pandemic on a few key topics:

  1. The New World of Remote Working

  2. Efficient Resilience at Work

  3. Building a Diverse Leadership Bench

As a part of this ongoing effort, Oportun had established EAP access for all employees and organized a variety of mental health-related events to support its employees, including sessions on stress management, meditation, and a group discussion with a counselor.

In addition to these resources, Oportun wanted to ensure that their leaders were fully equipped to acknowledge and work through their own mental health challenges, and in doing so, set the tone on how mental health is acknowledged and supported throughout the whole organization.

Having sparked productive conversations around mental health in past training with Mind Share Partners, Oportun reached out to us again to help them facilitate this conversation among their leadership.

“We must ask critical questions of those in managerial and leadership roles about their responsibility in supporting mental health and how they can contribute to creating a healthy, happy, and more productive culture where employees feel comfortable to ask for support.”

- Christine Martin, VP of Total Rewards & Human Resources, Oportun

The Solution

Mind Share Partners held two, 90-minute leadership sessions—one with Oportun’s executive team and another with SVPs and VPs—to discuss the importance of mental health for a productive, engaged workforce at Oportun and practical tools specifically for these leaders.


Key topics included:

  • What a mentally healthy culture looks like at Oportun.

  • How supporting mental health fits into Oportun’s mission and goals.

  • Key leadership skills for supporting workplace mental health.

  • Culture change framework, action planning and leadership commitments.

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The Impact

Following the SVP/VP session, senior leaders surveyed...

  • had a better understanding of their role as a leader in supporting workplace mental health (91%)

  • felt more comfortable talking about mental health at work (91%)

  • felt better-equipped to support a colleague with their mental health (91%)

“I appreciated the helpful suggestions on how to start these conversations with my team or other employees, as well as the suggestions on ways to be supportive and encouraging about these conversations at work.”

- Oportun Vice President

As a result of the leadership sessions, Christine Martin, VP of Total Rewards & Human Resources Information System, reported: “We have seen leaders request additional mental health sessions and make them available to the teams… [and] the leaders are considering building in additional mental health training into the budget… so that they continue to remain equipped to support our employees.”

“Working with Mind Share has been wonderful. The planning was well organized, and the sessions came together perfectly. They coached our leaders on how to share their personal stories to help normalize mental health in the company. No surprises, the planning was so organized we knew the sessions would go off flawlessly.”

- Christine Martin, VP of Total Rewards & Human Resources, Oportun


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