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How to Create an ERG

for Mental Health

A free toolkit by Mind Share Partners

Mind Share Partners - Toolkit - Mental H

Our free toolkit outlines the 7 essential steps to creating a mental health employee resource group (ERG).

Drawing from the scientific literature, insights from Mind Share Partners' forums and workshops, and interviews with companies such as Google, Johnson & Johnson, Yahoo, and Zillow Group, we created a one-stop resource to equip you with the facts, questions, and considerations for creating an effective mental health ERG.

In this toolkit, you'll learn about:

  1. Understanding mental health, wellness, and disability.

  2. Evaluating your company's culture for mental health.

  3. Making the case for a mental health ERG.

  4. How to talk about mental health and stigma.

  5. Workplace regulations and partnering with HR.

  6. Marketing your ERG and communications.

  7. Planning a portfolio of meaningful activities.

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Casual Discussion

Johnson & Johnson's Mental Health Diplomats ERG grew from 100 to almost 1,000 people in just over a year, becoming one of the fastest growing ERGs the company has ever had.

Additional Resources for Mental Health ERGs

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