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Current Openings

Chief Executive Officer
Mind Share Partners' next CEO will be a dynamic leader with a passion and personal connection to improving mental health in the workplace. They will bring strategic fundraising and sales experience, and capacity to lead a fast-growing organization and movement into a new era of impact.


Mind Share Partners is changing the culture of workplace mental health so that both employees and organizations can thrive.

Our Values

Impact with Integrity

We are a nonprofit for a reason—to prioritize impact in our programs and decision-making as well as to maintain high ethical standards. We seek true change for workplace mental health—not check-the-box solutions or one-off initiatives.

Strength in Vulnerability

We believe that vulnerability is a strength. We are committed to modeling authenticity, transforming empathy into action, and normalizing the challenges of life—including mental health.

Caliber with Compassion

We strive for excellence without compromising kindness, empathy, and life outside of work. We practice and advocate for inclusive flexibility and sustainable ways of working, recognizing that each of us needs something different to live, work, and be our best.

Vision with Action

We are an entrepreneurial team working to re-envision the future of workplace mental health, serving as pragmatic provocateurs. We learn, experiment, and prioritize tangible action—all while staying humble and having fun in the process.

Equity & Inclusion In All Forms

Mental health is a new frontier of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice (DEIBJ)—both as a new category in and of itself and in how it intersects with our identities. We are persistent in the hard and ongoing work to ensure that DEIBJ—in all their forms—are practiced and prioritized across our organization and in our work.

Not sure where you fit?

Send us your resume and cover letter, describing your skill set and interest in Mind Share Partners, to us here.

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