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Read our feature in Harvard Business Review.

The article covers key findings from our Mind Share Partners Mental Health at Work 2019 Report as well as strategies for companies looking to create a culture of support for mental health at work.

Check out our interview with HBR's The Anxious Achiever podcast as well with Mind Share Partners' Founder & CEO Kelly Greeenwood where we delve deeper into designing a mentally healthy workplace.

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Mentions & Features

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Speaking & Interviews

Culture Amp | Mental Health & DEI: Considerations for Inclusive Workplaces

Forte Foundation | Mental Health At Work: A Livestream Conversation With Kelly Greenwood

Harvard Business Review’s Anxious Achievers Podcast | Designing the Mentally Healthy Workplace

SHRM’s Inclusion 2019 Conference: Smart Stage | Navigating Mental Health At Work: A Personal Story Illustrates What You Should (and Shouldn't) Do

SHRM’s Inclusion 2019 Conference: Workshop | Why Mental Health Is the Next Frontier of Diversity & Inclusion & Pinterest | Burnout: How to Survive (And Thrive) in Today's Always On Culture

World Disrupt Forum’s Human Innovation Summit | Allyship Panel

Media requests

Working on a story involving mental health in the workplace? Mind Share Partners is a leading expert and thought leader on this topic and can provide research-backed insights, perspectives, and case studies to support your story.


  • How executives can address mental health stigma in the workplace

  • Why mental health is the next frontier of diversity and inclusion

  • The true state of mental health in U.S. workplaces today

Our Mission

Mind Share Partners is a nonprofit changing the culture of workplace mental health so that both employees and organizations can thrive. We do this through movement building, professional communities, and workshops.

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Mind Share Partners Founder & CEO Kelly Greenwood is available for interviews and comments in press and media on workplace mental health.

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Quotes & Testimonials

“Mind Share Partners has been such a valuable thought partner.  We received so many positive comments from attendees about how much they learned from the sessions, and most importantly, that they aren't alone in their struggles with mental health.”

Lincy Suen
HR Business Partner, NerdWallet

“What I got was a partnership with an organization focused on addressing mental health in the workplace from many different angles. All of those things together showed us as an employer concrete things we can do to break down the barriers of stigma.”

Robert Gill
Director of People Operations, Checkr

“Not acknowledging that millions are dealing with mental health conditions is costing an enormous amount both in terms of dollars and cents and, more importantly, people's lives."

Arianna Huffington
Founder & CEO, Thrive Global

"After the Mind Share Partners conference, we created our own Mental Health Fund, since our health insurance excludes it, and talked about it so our team knew we had their back and they'd be covered for emergency care for suicidal thoughts, etc. It's a start. Stigma runs deep. It's good that [Mind Share Partners] is helping workplaces talk about it!"


Mental Health at Work Mini-Conference, May 2018

"I’d spent my academic and professional lives in high-performing, competitive environments, which made my shame and embarrassment that much greater. While I’m proud of many of my accomplishments, I am far and away the most proud of learning how to manage my anxiety disorder, which is hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. 

Kelly Greenwood
Founder & CEO, Mind Share Partners

From "Our Story," Mind Share Partners

“Support is something we can provide partially through traditional benefits. But that’s not enough. A culture that allows employees to take care of themselves and their families is crucial."

Cotter Cunningham
Founder & CEO, RetailMeNot

From "How to Build a Culture That Supports Employees' Mental Health"

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