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Communications Toolkit For HR teams & Employers

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Mental Health Awareness Month

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Communicating your support for mental health at work has never been more important.

We created this communications toolkit for Mental Health Awareness Month to guide organizations to easily and effectively share their support, address the stigma, and highlight mental health benefits, resources, and policies company-wide.

What you'll get:

  • A Storytelling Guide for leaders and managers to learn best practices around sharing their mental health story in a workplace setting to reduce the taboo.

  • Manager Checklist with daily, weekly, and monthly action reminders for managers to support their teams.

  • An Internal Communications Guide with short message templates to communicate support for mental health to your employees internally.

  • Email signatures, social images, and more!

Download the kit


Plan your Mental Health Month activities and programming with us!

Book a strategy call with us to create a custom plan for your organization this May! We look at a company's policies, procedures, and practices, and their collective impact on employee mental health. 

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