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Mind Share Partners'

Biennial Mental Health at Work Reports

in partnership with

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Mind Share Partners began our biennial Mental Health at Work Report in partnership with Qualtrics to explore the ever-changing landscape of workers’ experiences and perspectives around mental health, stigma, and work.


Each report collected nationally representative samples of 1,500 full-time U.S. workers. Each also included statistically significant sampling from historically marginalized populations: women, people of color, LGBTQ+ workers, and more.

Collectively, our reports have been featured in 150+ media outlets worldwide.

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Explore the Reports

Mind Share Partners 2023 Mental Heatlh at Work Report - Preview - A.png

2023 Report In Partnership With Qualtrics

As we moved past the pandemic, the future of work needed to go "back-to-basics.” Workers are re-evaluating what truly matters to them. Meanwhile, some employers have continued to innovate and improve the workplace experience while others have scaled back in hopes of achieving a “pre-pandemic normal.”

2021 Report In Partnership With Qualtrics & ServiceNow

Workplace mental health was at a catalytic point in time amid the pandemic. Mental health challenges spiked and work itself became a greater strain. At the same time, our collective awareness of mental health grew, too. We were talking about it more and employers were investing in more mental health supports like benefits, meditation apps, and mental health days.

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2019 Report In Partnership With Qualtrics & SAP

Our inaugural report described mental health as a “crucial factor” in the workplace. Despite ever-growing rates of mental health challenges, most employers were barely scratching the surface in terms of effective mental health support.

Features in Harvard Business Review


Every report was featured in an accompanying piece in Harvard Business Review. Each summarizes our key findings and offers strategic recommendations for employers to create mentally healthy workplaces.



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Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Every report maintains statistically significant sampling from historically underrepresented communities. Mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusion are intrinsically tied as different identities and populations face their own unique challenges (and opportunities) around mental health and  work.

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Ways to Support Our Work

Partner with us

Check out our research on mental health in small business owners in partnership with Freshbooks.

Sponsor our  next report

Sponsors are critical in ensuring we can continue giving voice to workers and the state of workplace mental health.

Spread the word

Help build the movement for workplace mental health and use our social graphics from the latest report.

Bring Culture Change To Your Organization

Mind Share Partners offers training, strategy, and transformation services to help organizations create mentally healthy workplaces. This includes discovery assessments and benchmarking with our Mental Health at Work Report data.

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