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Mind Share Partners'

2021 Mental Health at Work Report

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Three-quarters of full-time U.S. workers reported experiencing at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year, and over a third of symptoms cumulatively lasted five months to an entire year.



Workplace mental health is at a catalytic point in time—the stakes have been raised.

2020’s events and beyond have sparked, if not demanded, a shared empathy for mental health and a collective realization of the urgent need to support mental health at work moving forward.

Mind Share Partners 2021 Mental Health at Work Report in partnership with Qualtrics and ServiceNow explores the lived experience of mental health, stigma, and work culture in U.S. workplaces amidst the pandemic, ongoing racial injustices, return to office, and more.

The report is a follow-on study using the same metrics from our 2019 Mental Health At Work Report. This enables a rare pre- and post-pandemic comparison with additional questions and segmentations pertaining to world-shifting events.

The future of workplace mental health is culture change—with an eye towards DEI and sustainable ways of working. As we look to the future, workers—especially Millennials and Gen Z–are demanding true investment in organizational culture change for workplace mental health. The findings of this study will help organizations, leaders, teams, managers, and individual employees alike deepen both their understanding and inform their strategy and investment in mentally healthy cultures for all.

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Check out our accompanying article in Harvard Business Review

Get a summary of findings and early strategies to create a mentally healthy workplace based on the findings of our study. Continue reading >


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Commitment to DEI + Mental Health

Mind Share Partners remains committed to advocating for the mental health of historically underrepresented and disenfranchised communities. Many of these populations face unique challenges when it comes to workplace mental health, have been disproportionately impacted by the global pandemic and ongoing racial injustices, and even still continue to be underrepresented in the workplace and in research. Their voices are an indispensable part of the dialogue around workplace mental health and critical to making lasting and inclusive change in the broader movement.


Just as we did in our 2019 study, our 2021 follow-on study includes statistically significant sample sizes for demographic groups across gender identity, racial and ethnic communities, generational divides, the LGBTQ+ community, and more. Throughout the report, we summarize key demographic differences and trends across our study outcomes.

Learn more about mental health &  DEI >


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Resources For Mental Health At Work

The future of workplace mental health is culture change. Check out these starting resources from Mind Share Partners to help you on your journey to creating mentally healthy workplaces.


Mind Share Partners Training & Advising

Equip employees with the key knowledge, skills, and strategies to create a mentally healthy culture.

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Free Toolkits & Guides

Our toolkits cover a wide range of topics, from how creating an effective mental health strategy to creating an employee resource group for mental health.


On-Demand Learning

Learn about workplace mental health through self-directed, on-demand, and bite-sized learning


Virtual Community for Mental Health ERGs

Join our Slack channel exclusive to professionals leading mental health, neurodiversity, and ability-based employee resource groups (or affinity groups).


Forbes Channel

Peruse our thought leadership on workplace mental health, from our most-read piece, The Futility of Mental Health Days to navigating the intersections of mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusion.



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