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Mind Share Partners'

2023 Mental Health at Work Report

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The data shows the future of workplace mental health is going back-to-basics.

Our third biennial report uniquely explores how workplace mental health in the U.S. has changed from before, during, and after the pandemic.    

Mental health isn’t improving, but there are some bright spots, like employer investments in workplace mental health efforts paying off and creating positive changes in workers’ experiences. Workers' awareness of mental health has grown. They are looking for more than traditional benefits and new technologies from employers.

As we look to the future, workplace mental health requires employers to go back-to-basics—a focus on company culture and worker needs—to build and sustain a mentally healthy workforce.  

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Key Findings

#1. Mental health challenges are improving and worsening.

Mental health symptoms have improved since 2021, but workers’ views of overall mental health also declined. 

#2. Employer investments in work are having a net positive impact on mental health.

Unlike previous years, the positive impact of the workplace on workers' mental health outweighed the negative.

#3. Workers want healthy work cultures, not self-care perks.

Healthy and sustainable cultures of work were rated more helpful than therapy and self-care resources.

#4. Employers making meaningful investments in DEIBJ see payoffs.

But marginalized identities (Black, LatinX, AAPI, LGBTQ+) continue to face disproportionate challenges.

#5. Psychological safety declined amidst perceptions of diminishing support from employers.

Less than 40% said their employer prioritizes mental health.

#6. When it comes to the hybrid work debate, employee voice matters.

Workers who were hybrid by choice reported shorter mental health symptoms, less stigma, and a better relationship to work.

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Get a summary  of our key insights and recommendations for organizations to meaningfully support mental health at work.



Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

For the third time in a row, Mind Share Partners' biennial Mental Health at Work Reports have included statistically significant sampling from historically underrepresented communities. A mentally healthy future for all means for all.


Catalyze culture change at your organization.

This year's data shows investments in organizational culture is what workers want most. 


Book a free strategy call with one of our Principals at Mind Share Partners to tailor these actions to your unique culture, employee needs, and industry.

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