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Training and advising to support workplace mental health.

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Tailored training and advising solutions at every level of impact.

86% of job seekers think it is important for a company’s culture to support mental health.

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Culture Package

Take a comprehensive approach to ensure your entire organization supports mental health at work.

  • Survey & interview assessment

  • Executive strategy session

  • Leader ally coaching

  • Manager training

  • All-company training

  • Communications advising



"Mind Share Partners prepared [us] to thoughtfully navigate the challenges of 2020."

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Manager Training Series

Equip managers with core skills to support the mental health of their teams and employees.

  • Leader ally coaching

  • Manager training introduction

  • Manager training deep dive


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"The tone was real and connected to my experience as a human and as a manager."

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Executive Strategy


Convene senior leaders to align on an impactful strategy for mental health at your organization.

  • Survey & interview assessment

  • Executive strategy session(s)

  • Strategy & initiative design



"I could see how committed leaders were to [workplace mental health following the executive session]."

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Global reach with cross-industry expertise

Our client work spans across 5 continents, with industry experience in Technology (including Information, Biotech, Cybersecurity, Fintech, and more), Professional Services (Financial, Legal, Accounting), Human Resources Organizations, and more.

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Corporate Training

  • Formats:

    • In-person

    • Virtual sessions

    • On-demand / licensing

  • Audiences:

  • Durations:

    • 60-, 90-, and 120-minute sessions

    • One-time, two-session series, or quarterly

Strategy Advising

  • Diagnostic surveys & interviews

  • Communications & internal awareness campaigns

  • Strategy & initiative design

  • Coaching for vulnerable leadership communications

  • Policy review to ensure alignment with mental health goals

  • Employee Resource Group (ERG) advising

Individual Offerings *Bulk purchase rates available

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Have a limited budget?

Looking for a speaker, keynote, or panelist?

Are you a nonprofit?

We also offer deeply discounted services to qualifying non-profits with between 25 and 500 full-time employees. Foundations and other intermediaries do not qualify.


Become an industry leader in workplace health, culture, and inclusion.

9 out of 10 participants

recommend our trainings.

"It was very well done. Well structured, full of examples, well-paced. Inclusive, but corrective when needed.”

88% feel more comfortable

talking about mental health at work.

“I felt the workshop did a great job of making [conversations] around mental health less awkward and I loved the stats and myths!”

78% are more willing

to hire or work with someone who is managing a mental health condition.

"Mind Share Partners presented the material in a unique way that was engaging to me, even as someone who doesn't have direct experience. [The training] gave me very practical and actionable knowledge and tips."

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Read our article in Harvard Business Review and get a preview of our training tools.


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Manage culture, not crises.


Proactive and preventative.

Create an environment that eliminates stigma and supports mental health experiences before they impact engagement or become crises.


  • How can I talk about mental health at work?

  • How can I make employees feel safe to get support?

  • How do I create a culture that promotes wellness?


Management approach.

Gain workplace management skills for mental health, validated by our clinical advisors, legal counsel, and professional communities.


  • How do I check-in with a struggling employee?

  • What can I do as a manager to support employees?

  • What are the signs and symptoms of poor mental health?

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Skills-based learning.

Get concrete, evidence-based strategies for being both compassionate humans and compliant professionals through interactive activities and stories.


  • How do I manage performance and mental health?

  • How do I respond to disclosure?

  • How can I be supportive while being compliant?

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"Mind Share Partners helped Tinder improve our shared language and the level of openness in discussing mental health as an organization and coached our most senior executives to lead by example, which improved our shared language and the level of openness in discussing mental health as an organization. When people feel supported in sharing their own personal stories, it promotes trust and belonging for everyone.


Overall, working with Mind Share Partners equipped us to move from occasional workshops and in-the-moment conversations to a roadmap for mental health programming across the company. It’s never too early - or too late - to start having these conversations. After seeing the results in our own organization, my advice is to start as soon as you can. "



Working with Mind Share Partners

91% of our clients rated 9 or 10 in likeliness to recommend working with Mind Share Partners (NPS 91).

Intro call

We learn about your interests, needs, and budget to find the right package for your company.


We work with you and your HR, D&I, and/or team members to learn about your company’s unique needs, culture, and existing programming.

Training & advising

We bring a tailored solution, delivered by our team of management experts with content validated by our clinical advisors, legal counsel, and professional communities.

Ongoing impact

We equip your leaders, managers, and employees with the knowledge and tools to continue supporting mental health year-round.


“I really appreciated the ongoing conversations prior to the executive session, where Mind Share Partners really took the time to understand what [Yahoo’s] needs were, knowing that this was going to be a thoughtful and productive conversation that our leaders were open and engaged and excited for. I appreciated Mind Share Partners’ preparedness in setting up a session that would satisfy their needs and open their eyes, too.”

- Pam Lasner, Senior Manager of Global Communications, Yahoo


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SELECT CLIENTS  |  Read our case studies >

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