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5 Fundamentals

to Creating

Mentally Healthy


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1 in 5 Americans manages a diagnosable mental health condition every year and 60% manage symptoms like anxiety. This was before the pandemic.

Mental health has been named as a second global crisis as a result of 2020 events. However, 69% of employees hide their conditions due to fear and shame caused by stigma. As a result, companies lose $217 billion in lost productivity every year on top of decreased employee engagement, company loyalty, and experience of organizational culture.

The good news is that mental health stigma is solvable. Our toolkit covers five easy, actionable things that you can do today to start to create a mentally healthy workplace.

"Mind Share Partners has been such a valuable thought partner in bringing mental health awareness to our Nerds. We received so many positive comments from attendees about how much they learned from the sessions, and most importantly, that they aren't alone in their struggles with mental health."

Lincy Suen  |  HR Business Partner, NerdWallet


We teach companies how to create mentally healthy workplaces.

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