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Mind Share Partners'

Guidelines for Visualizing Workplace Mental Health



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Based on these guidelines, iStock by Getty Images in partnership with Mind Share Partners curated a selection of visuals that promote a healthy, sustainable workplace culture and wellbeing.


Companies and media alike have a unique opportunity to create meaningful change around the narrative of workplace mental health through the language and visuals they choose. 

The past 18 months have proven that mental health is no longer a workplace benefits discussion or self-care issue—it increasingly plays a central role in employee experience and wellbeing, in employers’ business and people strategies, and in the growing global dialogue around mental health and the culture of work. 

These guidelines, created in partnership between Mind Share Partners and iStock by Getty Images, are intentionally designed to inform, educate, and ideally ensure that small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and the media covering these stories feel equipped to make thoughtful visual choices when depicting mental health in the workplace. While these guidelines are suggestions, each is rooted in research, data, and insights from leading mental health experts and leading visual experts. Together, they seek to provide actionable guidance to elevate the conversations and stories around workplace mental health as a priority issue for businesses and ensure that they more accurately, inclusively, and productively illustrate mental health, their people, and the future of work.

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Mind Share Partners offers training and strategic advising for companies to create safe and inclusive workplaces for mental health.

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