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Create a culture for mental health at your


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Equip your leaders, managers, and teams to support mental health at work.


Our training and advising services raise awareness and change company culture. Programs like this have a 6:1 ROI—double that of treatment programs, such as EAP counseling.

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Culture Package

Take a comprehensive approach to ensure your entire organization supports mental health at work.

  • Survey & interview assessment

  • Executive strategy session

  • Leader ally coaching

  • Manager training

  • All-company training

  • Communications advising

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Manager Training Series

Equip managers with core skills to support the mental health of their teams and employees.

  • Leader ally coaching

  • Manager training introduction

  • Manager training deep dive


Executive Strategy Development

Convene senior leaders to align on an impactful strategy for mental health at your organization.

  • Survey & interview assessment

  • Executive strategy session(s)

  • Strategy & initiative design

Have a limited budget?

Enroll in our online certification program, Mind Share Partners Institute.

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“We hosted Mind Share Partners at Verizon Media for an executive session on mental health. It was an incredible workshop about how to cultivate and facilitate a culture of openness, honesty and transparency to destigmatize mental health. In hindsight, the training came at a crucial moment—before life as we know it was transformed by COVID-19.”


- Guru Gowrappan, CEO, Verizon Media Group

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“Change is possible. It starts with acknowledging the equal prevalence of mental health conditions from the C-suite to the front lines, changing organizational culture, introducing proper training and support, and addressing mental health as a standalone DEI issue.”


- Research: People Want Their Employers to Talk About Mental Health, Harvard Business Review


Employees want their companies to address mental health.

86% of job seekers think it is important for a company’s culture to support mental health.

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Mental health is common.

Every year, 67% of employees feel burned out.
60% manage mental health symptoms.
20% manage diagnosable conditions.

Up to 83% of people will manage a diagnosable condition at some point in their lifetime.

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Stigma is real.

Only 25% of employees feel comfortable talking to their manager or HR about their mental health.

8 in 10 employees say stigma keeps them from getting treatment.



There are clear losses.

34% of employees, 50% of Millennials, and 75% of Gen Z-ers have left a role for mental health reasons.

$17 billion is lost annually in productivity due to unsupported mental health challenges.


Mental health affects every conference call, every meeting, and every team.

“Most mental health experiences went unvoiced and unheard, especially to the most influential change agents within the company.

Respondents were the least comfortable talking with their company’s HR and senior leaders about mental health at work, regardless of their level of seniority.

- Mind Share Partners’ Mental Health at Work 2019 Report in partnership with SAP and Qualtrics

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Mind Share Partners is a nonprofit changing the culture of workplace mental health so that both employees and organizations can thrive.

Corporate Training & Strategic Advising

We take a culture change approach,  helping managers and colleagues build safe spaces, facilitate hard conversations, and learn concrete strategies to navigate mental health at work.


Research & Thought Leadership

Support for Professionals
Across Industries

We lead the workplace mental health movement by writing articles, organizing events, conducting research, and more.

We manage a virtual community for mental health employee resource group (ERG) leaders and coordinate confidential citywide forums for professionals managing mental health conditions.

“When leaders advocate for mental health, they catalyze change not only internally within their companies, but also externally by inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.”

 - We Need More Workplace Leaders Talking About Their Own Mental Health: Celebrity Stories Aren’t Enough,” Forbes

Support Mind Share Partners and join the workplace mental health movement.

Mind Share Partners is one of the only nonprofits in the U.S. exclusively focused on workplace mental health. Donations support our research and thought-leadership and allow us to provide free resources and support to individuals who need it.

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