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Morey Riordan

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With excitement, we welcome Mind Share Partners' new CEO!

We help organizations create mentally healthy workplaces.

Mind Share Partners is a nonprofit that is changing the culture of workplace mental health so that both employees and organizations can thrive.
We help employers create mentally healthy workplaces through consulting and training and are building a national movement to change the landscape around work. Challenges like anxiety, burnout, and depression are not just an individual employee’s responsibility. They’re a collective responsibility. That’s why our time-tested approach hinges on changing company culture—and using an equity lens to do so.

Tailored Training

Develop key leadership skills specific to your workplace and industry.

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Understand your cultural strengths and opportunities.

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Talent Strategy

Reduce costly turnover and engage employees.

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Internal Communications

Build trust through storytelling.

SELECT CLIENTS  |  Read our case studies >

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“We hosted Mind Share Partners at Verizon Media for an executive session on mental health. It was an incredible workshop about how to cultivate and facilitate a culture of openness, honesty and transparency to destigmatize mental health. In hindsight, the training came at a crucial moment—before life as we know it was transformed by COVID-19.”

Guru Gowrappan  | Former CEO, Yahoo

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