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How to Create an ERG for Mental Health


Educate, inspire, and equip your employees with the tools to skillfully navigate mental health in the workplace.

"Mind Share presented the material in a unique way that was engaging to me, even as someone who doesn't have direct experience, but gave me very practical and actionable knowledge and tips."



Develop healthy employees who are engaged and productive.

Our interactive workshops equip managers and colleagues to build safe spaces, facilitate hard conversations, and learn tools and strategies to navigate and normalize mental health at work. We help participants navigate how to be both a compassionate human and a compliant professional in the workplace.

Your company will benefit from cost savings from lower rates of absenteeism and turnover as well as higher productivity and employee engagement.


Learn how Mind Share Partners helped spark a collective movement to support mental health in the workplace.



"Mind Share presented the material in a unique way that was engaging to me, even as someone who doesn't have direct experience, but gave me very practical and actionable knowledge and tips."


Cross-discipline, comprehensive curriculum.

With input from our expert advisors, our curriculum integrates best practices from research-proven therapy, current HR and regulatory practices, and leading management techniques--all delivered through a workplace lens.

Immersive, customized experience.

Using case studies, discussion, personal reflection, and hands-on activities, participants dive deep into material that’s immediately relevant. We work with each company in advance to make sure that the content matches their culture and practices.

Unique insights from professional communities.

We incorporate current insights from high-achieving professionals in our peer group communities to create a truly authentic, comprehensive learning experience.


Our offerings

The Surprising News about Mental Health

General audience | 45 - 60 min

1 in 5 people will experience a mental health condition this year, making it more common than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes--combined. Come hear personal stories from high-achieving professionals who have successfully navigated mental health conditions in the workplace. We'll discuss the surprising prevalence of mental health conditions and the good news about creating a productive and joyful work experience for you and your team.

Bridging the Gap between Caring & Compliance

Managers or general audience | 90 min

When someone on your team is faced with extreme stress, anxiety, or depression, it can be difficult to know how to be both a caring human and compliant professional. Leveraging expertise from mental health, management, and legal fields, we’ll help you crack the code to develop concrete strategies that make mental health work at work.

Mental Health for High-Stress Roles

Custom audience | 90 min

The nature of certain roles with a company can negatively impact individual mental health--for example, employees who regularly view sensitive content, who interact with frustrated customers, or who work with vulnerable populations. We use an extended discovery phase (e.g. focus groups, interviews, custom research) to create custom curriculum and materials to meet the needs of your teams.

Don't see a perfect fit?

We tailor our workshops to fit the needs of our clients. Connect with us and we'll work with you to create a workshop offering that works best for you and your company.

"Mind Share Partners has been such a valuable thought partner in bringing mental health awareness to our Nerds. We received so many positive comments from attendees about how much they learned from the sessions, and most importantly, that they aren't alone in their struggles with mental health."

Lincy Suen  |  HR Business Partner, NerdWallet

“Mind Share Partners is a key partner when it comes to normalizing mental health in the workplace. They came onsite during our mental health fair and hosted an engaging session around how to discuss mental health in the workplace and how mental health impacts different minority groups. We definitely plan on continuing the discussion and having them onsite again. The feedback was extremely positive from our employees.”

Benefits Specialist, Pandora


Reverse productivity loss.​
Unsupportive work environments can trigger or worsen mental health conditions and keep people from getting help. Organizations that commit to reducing stigma and supporting employees can increase productivity, become more desirable places to work, and prevent crisis situations.

Create a culture of trust and support.

Our custom workshops focus on creating a culture of trust, facilitating difficult conversations, and empowering teams with concrete tools and strategies. We teach managers and peers the ins and outs of navigating the work environment with a mental health condition without fear or shame. ​

More than just compliance.

Company legal procedures don’t have to prohibit human responses. We collaborate with each company’s HR department to achieve the right balance while staying aligned with existing policies and practices.

Book a workshop

Book a workshop

Want to share info about our workshops to a colleague or manager?

​Let a manager or colleague know about Mind Share Partners with an email or Slack message.

​Bringing up mental health at work can be hard. Send us the email address of the right contact at your company, and we'll reach out.

Book a workshop


FAQ - Workshops

What are your workshops?
Mind Share Partners’ workshops focus on creating a culture of trust, facilitating difficult conversations, and empowering teams
with concrete tools and strategies. We teach managers and peers to respond appropriately to their colleagues’ needs, helping them to healthily navigate the work environment without fear or shame. We use role-playing exercises and concrete strategies and tools that will help your teams improve.

The first step in bringing Mind Share Partners’ workshops to your company is to speak with your leadership and your HR and/or Diversity & Inclusion teams to assess the needs of your organization. We want to make sure that our workshops operate in tandem with your existing HR policies and management practices. Then, we can build a workshop schedule that works for you.

What will Mind Share Partners do for my company? What is the business reason? Why I should care?
About $17 billion is lost annually in workplace productivity due to employees struggling with unaddressed mental health conditions. More than 80% of employees who have a mental health condition will not seek treatment because of fear and shame. In addition, unhealthy workplace cultures can trigger or exacerbate poor mental health. Multiple reports on mental health in the workplace have reported that the combination of unsupportive cultures and untreated condition results in lost productivity, lowered performance, and decreased employee engagement.

Mind Share Partners brings a comprehensive solution to companies through executive leadership, workshops, and peer groups. Our research-based programs are designed to reduce stigma and to equip companies and professionals with effective tools and strategies to create thriving workplaces.


What benefits would a company see from taking you workshops?
When your people know how to support a colleague with a mental health condition, they have the power to create stronger teams, to have empathetic, empowering conversations, and to know smart steps to take. Our customized workshops help to improve your workplace culture so that your employees are happier and more productive. Your company will benefit from cost savings from lower rates of absenteeism and turnover as well as higher productivity and employee engagement.

How do you ensure that my company doesn’t get in trouble legally?
Our workshops are developed in concert with legal, human resource, and mental health professionals to ensure compliance with the law and with each fields’ best practices. We also work closely with our clients’ HR and legal departments to ensure that our content aligns with their company policies and practices.


Why is this important for my managers/company given all our pressing priorities?
With the high prevalence of stress and burnout on teams, there are often pre-existing and untreated mental health conditions that affect every meeting, project, and deliverable. If employees are not supported and encouraged to manage their mental health effectively, managers and company leaders will continue to see sustained productivity loss that affects all work deliverables and priorities.


How is this different from Crucial Conversations or other existing management or mental health trainings?
Mind Share Partners explicitly focuses on workplace mental health at the core of our trainings, instead of being a broad “wellness program” or a conversation tool to improve performance. Our approach drives sustained support for employees who need it, as opposed to stepping in only during crisis management scenarios.


If this is a mental health training, shouldn’t it be led by therapists?

Mental health in the workplace setting sits at the intersection of mental health, HR, legal, and management. A therapeutic perspective offers insights into an individual’s diagnosis and treatment of conditions, while management and HR have influence and expertise over the workplace factors that can support employee mental health as well. Mind Share Partners focuses on the latter. In order to provide a comprehensive set of workplace-specific tools to our clients, we integrate the best practices across clinical and management disciplines and deliver them through a professional lens.


Mind Share Partners' mission, ultimately, is to normalize conversations and support around mental health in the workplace and reduce barriers to seeking treatment from mental health care providers. Through our workshops, we empower managers and colleagues to become change agents to create a mentally healthy workplace culture.


How much do your workshops cost?

We offer workshops both as individual offerings and as part of larger packages. Please reach out for more information. Thanks!


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