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Mind Share Partners'

Culture Change Package

We create custom packages to help companies integrate support for mental health into their ongoing talent, wellness, and culture strategy through a comprehensive approach that creates and sustains change at all levels of the organization.

What's included:

Survey & interview assessment

Learn how mental health and stigma shows up at your company, benchmarked against our national survey.

Executive strategy session

Convene senior leaders to align on an impactful strategy for mental health at your organization.

Leader ally coaching

Advise company leaders on talking about mental health in an affirming and de-stigmatizing way.

Manager training

Equip managers with core skills to support the mental health of their teams and employees.

All-company training

Raise awareness and teach concrete skills that all employees can use to create a supportive culture.

Communications advising

Internal campaign to ensure support for mental health is felt across your company

Case study coming soon!

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“What I got was a partnership with an organization that was really focused on trying to address mental health in the workplace from many different angles. All of those things together showed us as an employer concrete things we can do to break down the barriers of stigma.”


- Robert Gill, Director of People Operations


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