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Checkr, Inc.


Custom Package

Checkr provides modern and compliant background checks for more than 10,000 global enterprises and startups.

By providing fairer chances for the formerly convicted, Checkr is building a fairer future by improving the understanding of the past.


Industry:  Background checks

Size: 250-300 employees


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Result highlights:

  • 100% of managers felt more comfortable talking about mental health at work, and felt like they learned skills they could implement at work.

  • 73% of Checkrs were more willing to work with colleagues that have a mental health condition.


The Situation


Robert Gill, Checkr’s Director of People Ops, cared deeply about creating mentally healthy workplaces:


“I was looking for a way to talk about mental health in the workplace that was productive and that created psychological safety for everyone involved.”


He also wanted to equip Checkr’s managers with the skills to support the mental health of their reports and offer concrete ways to manage stress and burnout for a team that regularly faced difficult customer interactions.


The Solution


Mind Share Partners offered a 3-step approach that gave the knowledge and concrete, actionable skills to address mental health at work:

The Surprising News about Mental Health (Lunch & Learn)

Mind Share Partners’ Founder & CEO Kelly Greenwood discussed the prevalence of mental health conditions at work and the stigma surrounding the issue, as well as her own story as a high-performing professional managing Generalized Anxiety Disorder. A Checkr leader also shared a personal challenge with anxiety, which helped normalize mental health at Checkr and modeled the courage of vulnerability.

Bridging the Gap between Caring & Compliance

Through lectures and case study working groups, Mind Share Partners gave managers concrete ways to notice signs of mental health distress, how to talk with their direct reports about mental health, and resources available to them to support the mental health of their direct report and teams.















Mental Health for High-Stress Roles - 30 employees

Mind Share Partners led Checkr’s Applicant Support Team through a brainstorm of the current bright spots and pain points of their team and work, and built out solution prototypes to address the most salient challenges. Mind Share Partners also shared ways to identify when one might be struggling, when to consider seeking additional support for mental health, and ways to manage through self-care in the workplace.


The Impact


Through Mind Share Partners' 3-part workshop series, Checkr:

  • Established a shared understanding of mental health and its impact in the workplace.

  • Practiced concrete skills for navigating difficult situations in a way that is both human and compliant

  • Increased employees' and managers' comfort with talking about mental health at Checkr.

  • Dug deep into the elements of team that affect mental wellness and developed concrete, custom solutions.

“The presentation was exceptionally done and really informative. The topic subjects are real and definitely shed light on topics otherwise not discussed.”

– Workshop participant



Through a comprehensive workshop series, Mind Share Partners helped normalize mental health at Checkr and sparked a collective momentum to continue creating programs and practices to support the mental health of Checkr employees.

“What I got was a partnership with an organization that was really focused on trying to address mental health in the workplace from many different angles. All of those things together showed us as an employer concrete things we can do to break down the barriers of stigma.”


- Robert Gill, Director of People Operations


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