Workplace Mental Health Resources For Indian Professionals And Those In The Diaspora

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The surge of Covid-19 infections and deaths ravaging India has caused mass devastation across the country that is being felt worldwide. The current crisis has only exacerbated the innate mental stigma among Indians, and the wider Indian community worldwide.

While those in India are experiencing loss, grief, anger and so much more first-hand during this crisis, the Indian diaspora are struggling to cope with the disorienting and often guilt-inducing trauma their native country is experiencing and losing loved ones, while continuing business as usual.

Acknowledging this crisis and the experience of both those in India and the Indian diaspora is a vital action for every workplace. Mind Share Partners has compiled a list of culturally competent resources to support this community, and resources for workplaces and allies to better support their teams and colleagues.

I. Mental Health Organizations And Resources For Indian Professionals And Those In The Diaspora

Organizations for those based in the U.S.

  • [Organization] South Asian Therapists Home of the largest global community of South Asian therapists, including therapists of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Afghani and Nepali heritage. Here you can find culturally competent South Asian mental health professionals to help you get the support you’re looking for.