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Communications Toolkit for Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

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Communicating your support for mental health at work has never been more important.

91% of employees believe that a company’s culture should support mental health.


We created this communications toolkit for Mental Health Awareness Month to provide templates, messaging, and resources for organizations to easily and effectively share their support, address the stigma, and highlight mental health benefits, resources, and policies company-wide.


What you'll get:

  • A presentation deck & toolkit that outlines key strategies to create a mentally healthy workplace.

  • Internal message templates to communicate support for workplace mental health and educate internally

  • Zoom backgrounds, social posts, and email signatures templates to make mental health a part of every conversation and meeting.

  • A curated reading list and ongoing resources to educate and up-skill your workplace mental health expertise.


Download the kit

“Companies that have excellent mental health benefits don’t usually see high usage rates, and people feel shame about going to therapy during the work day.


Destigmatize that conversation, have leaders speak up about it so people can feel that permission to take care of themselves and seek help if and when they need it.”


- Kelly Greenwood, Founder and CEO at Mind Share Partners, via Quartz

Partner with us to create lasting culture change that supports employee mental health year-round.

Mind Share Partners' custom training and advising services help businesses create a proactive, preventative, and sustainable workplace mental health strategy tailored to the unique needs of their industry and organization.

“We hosted Mind Share Partners at Yahoo for an executive session on mental health. It was an incredible workshop about how to cultivate and facilitate a culture of openness, honesty and transparency to destigmatize mental health.


In hindsight, the training came at a crucial moment—before life as we know it was transformed by COVID-19.”

- Guru Gowrappan |Former CEO, Yahoo

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