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Leader Allies

Drive culture change by sharing your story with employees.

Company leaders catalyze culture change.

When an executive acknowledges the importance of managing mental health conditions from day one, it opens the door for employees to feel understood, supported, and empowered.

8 out of 10 workers

with a mental health condition report that shame and stigma prevent them from seeking treatment.



What does a leader ally do?

Set the standard. ​
Speaking up and being transparent about mental health will help employees who are struggling see that there is a path to professional success as part of your team.


Make impact.

Mind Share Partners can help you make a difference fast. We’ll provide you with guidance for sharing your personal story or a family or friend’s, as well as resources to effectively communicate with staff.


Create systems of support.

​Treatment for mental health is prevalent and effective—but employees are often reluctant to access it and other existing company benefits because of the stigma. Creating a culture of trust enables employees to get support without fear of repercussion.


“She couldn’t believe that ‘someone like me’ dealt with the same challenges she did.”

Become a leader ally

Want to become an advocate for your employees?


FAQ - Leader allies

Why work with leaders within an organization?

A company’s top executives are in a powerful position to establish a mentally healthy workplace. When one of these individuals acknowledges the importance of managing mental health conditions, it opens the door for employees to feel understood and supported. In fact, without supervisor support, studies show that employees are reluctant to utilize existing company benefits and resources for their own health. That’s why many executives choose to be Leader Allies within their organization.


As a Leader Ally, you may or may not have experienced a mental health condition of your own, but may have seen it with a close family member or friend. Either way, if you sincerely speak up, professionals who are struggling may see that there is still a path to professional success as part of your team. Even more so, they will view you as a powerful role model if you have managed a mental health condition and achieved professional success


What does the leader allies program actually look like?

If you commit to being a Leader Ally, there are simple actions you can take right away to make a difference--for example, speaking at the next all-hands meeting or sending out a staff-wide email message. Mind Share Partners will provide you a framework to think through sharing your story in advance, as well as 1-on-1 customized support on framing your story—including how to disclose information that could feel sensitive. We’ll also provide resources and collateral—like suggested email templates, workshops, and opportunities for employees to access peer support—so you can effectively communicate with staff.

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