Mind Share Partners Institute

An online certification program to equip you with the knowledge and skills to create a culture of support for mental health at your organization.

The Program

Our online certification program leverages expertise from mental health, management, and legal fields to help you create a mentally healthy culture for yourself, your team, and your organization. Participants of the program will gain key skills and strategies to develop a strategy to create a culture of mental health with their respective companies and share what they’ve learned in an awareness-building lunch & learn conversation.

​The program takes place over the course of two months and includes four 2-hour virtual training sessions using case studies, scenarios, personal reflection, and action planning tools.

Session Dates

Session 1 - Thursday January 14th, 2021; 10:30am PT - 1:00pm PT
Session 2 - Thursday January 28th, 2021; 10:30am PT - 1:00pm PT
Session 3 - Thursday February 11th, 2021; 10:30am PT - 1:00pm PT
Session 4 - Thursday March 4th, 2021; 10:30am PT - 1:00pm PT

Disclaimer: This is not a train-the-trainer program. Completion of this program does not certify individuals to conduct extensive mental health training or provide mental health services or therapy to others.

Requirements for certification. In order to receive a certificate for the Mind Share Partners Institute, participants must attend all four Institute sessions and complete the presentation project covered in the Institute. If participants are not able to complete these requirements, they are still fully welcome to participate in the Institute without certification. If you encounter extenuating circumstances that may impact your ability to complete the Institute, please reach out to us at institute@mindsharepartners.org.

What You'll Learn

Learn about the prevalence and impact of mental health in the workplace.

  • Understand the mental health spectrum and the unique role that every employee has in workplace mental health.

  • Explore mental health within the context of diversity and inclusion.

  • Learn about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how to effectively navigate it.

Build skills and capabilities to create a culture of support for mental health.

  • Learn how to create culture change and your unique role as a mental health champion.

  • Practice starting (and continuing) a conversation with an employee who might be struggling.

  • Learn proactive practices that create flexibility to support diverse workplace needs.

  • Gain strategies for maintaining individual self-care.

Join a community of leaders driving change in their companies.

  • Share lessons learned in your own organization.

  • Problem-solve real-life case studies with other professionals.

  • Learn best practices from peers and provide support to each other as you undergo the difficult work of culture change.

The Impact

Employees who are mentally healthy are happier, more productive, and more likely to stick around. As the war for talent continues, companies who take proactive steps toward creating a mentally healthy culture and improving access will find themselves in the best place to attract and retain the best teams. Learn more.

Improve retention.

34% of employees (and 50% of millennials) have left previous roles for mental health reasons.

Maximize engagement.

217 million days of work are lost in productivity every year due to unaddressed mental health conditions.

Reduce absenteeism.

Employees with unaddressed mental health conditions experience 31x more absentee days than employees without a condition.

Improve benefits utilization.

Employees don't use benefits if they aren't encouraged to or don't feel safe doing so.

Foster inclusivity.

Focusing on wellness without naming mental health can alienate those facing challenges even further.

Why It Matters

Creating a culture of support for mental health starts with champions at all levels of the organization—whether you are a C-level executive, D&I professional, manager, HR leader, or an employee passionate about ensuring that your company supports the mental health of its team members.

Learn more in Mind Share Partners' 2019 Mental Health at Work report.

60% of employees

experienced symptoms of a mental health condition in the past year.

60% of employees

have never talked to anyone at work about their mental health.

Only 29% of employees

feel comfortable talking to their manager about mental health, and only 25% to HR.


Companies with < 10k employees

$750 / person

Companies with > 10k+ employees

$1,000 / person

Discounts are available for:

  • Current clients of Mind Share Partners (20% off)
    Connect with us at institute@mindsharepartners.org for a discount code.


  • Additional registrations from your company (20% off)
    First, register a single employee. Then, connect with us at institute@mindsharepartners.org for a discount code for all additional registrations from your company.

Ready to lead culture change at your company?



- Jim Conti | VP of Talent, dScout

"I really valued the Mind Share Partners Institute. I felt like the seminar was engaging and I learned so much from the presenters as well as my peers. We were also provided with excellent resource materials which will be great to reference in the future. I strongly recommend this institute to anyone interested in learning on how to improve your company's culture and programming around mental health."

- Institute Participant, Summer 2020 Cohort


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