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Increase team productivity by equipping your people with the tools to support their colleagues. 

Create a culture of trust and support.

One in five people in your workforce experiences a mental health challenge in any given year. This number is even higher in certain industries and during times of change. However, fewer than 25% of employees would consider discussing their mental health with their employer. Employees who make efforts to hide or “cover” their condition from their employer have a decreased sense of personal opportunity and commitment to their organization. Join the leading companies that are reversing this trend.

Reverse productivity loss.

When your people know how to support a colleague with a mental health condition, they have the power to create stronger teams, to have empathetic, empowering conversations, and to know smart steps to take. Our customized workshops help to improve your workplace culture so that your employees are happier and more productive. Your company will benefit from cost savings from lower rates of absenteeism and turnover as well as higher productivity and employee engagement.

More than just compliance.

Our workshops aren’t focused on legal compliance (though we know that’s important). They’re about empowering your people with the tools to self-solve where possible and about creating an environment of mutual trust. We teach managers and peers to respond appropriately to their colleagues’ needs, helping them to healthily navigate the work environment without fear or shame. We use workshops, role-playing exercises, and concrete strategies to provide tools that will help your teams improve.

50% of people will have a mental health condition at some point in their life.


Refer your employees to our peer groups.

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