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​Mental Health:

A Next Generation in Employee Resource Groups

A must attend for HR, Talent and Diversity leaders in 2019.

March 6  |  3:00-4:00PM ET

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As the demand for mental health support at work grows, leading companies are responding by forming mental health employee resource groups (ERGs).

Research shows that reducing the stigma of mental health and providing support to employees—key objectives of mental health ERGs—can increase productivity, reduce missed work days and disability claims, and create an inclusive, engaged culture.

Join us to learn from pioneers from Trulia (Zillow Group), Johnson & Johnson, and Verizon Media who have launched mental health-related groups at their companies, as well as from leaders looking at trends across industries.

We’ll discuss:
·    What it takes to launch a mental health ERG or sub-group.
·    How to get leadership buy-in.
·    Creative ways to incorporate mental health at your company.
·    Keys to making mental health ERGs successful.
·    Barriers or pitfalls to avoid when launching your group.

About the Webinar

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This webinar is a collaboration between Mind Share Partners and the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions.



Jen Anderson

Chief Operating Officer

Mind Share Partners


Meredith Arthur

 Content Marketing Manager

Trulia (Zillow Group)

Geralyn Giorgio

 Talent Aquisition Change Management

Communications & Training Lead

Johnson & Johnson

Margaux Joffe

Associate Director, Accessibility & Inclusion

Verizon Media

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Mind Share Partners - Toolkit - Mental H

Download Our Free Toolkit

Drawing from the scientific literature, insights from Mind Share Partners' forums and workshops, and interviews with companies such as Google, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon Media Group, and Zillow Group, our free toolkit outlines the 7 essential steps to creating a mental health employee resource group (ERG).

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