Key Skills for Workplace Mental Health

Key Skills for Workplace Mental Health

A virtual, interactive workshop for World Mental Health Day




How to Register

Due to popular demand, we're bringing back our virtual training from May Mental Health Awareness Month for October's World Mental Health Day! This is a great solution to build awareness and show your support during the week of World Mental Health Day for both teams and individual contributors.

Date: October 14, 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 1:30pm – 3:00pm ET (10:30am - 12 pm PT)

About the Training

This virtual workshop from Mind Share Partners will help you understand how mental health shows up at work and tangible tools every employee can use to support yourself and your colleagues.


This is a live, virtual, and interactive 90-minute session for all audiences. It's a rare opportunity to experience our training typically reserved for the organizations that partner with us.

Topics will include:

  • Spectrum of mental health signs & symptoms.

  • Prevalence and impact of mental health and stigma across different communities.

  • Understanding the impact of good stress vs. bad stress.

  • Establishing proactive self-care strategies for managing mental health at work.

  • How to check in with colleagues.

  • Concrete tools that every employee can do to support a culture of mental health across the organization.

Facilitated by:

nkrol_headshot - cropped.jpg

Head of Client Services & Principal
Mind Share Partners


Pricing: $40

Discounts available:

  • Register 2 - 99 employees ($30/individual)
    Proceed with registration on Eventbrite via the link below. You will need the contact information of all individuals you are purchasing for so that they receive the unique dial-in link. If you don't have that information, just email us at

  • Register 100+ employees ($20/individual)
    Email us at for more info.

  • Qualifying nonprofits ($10/individual)
    Organizations must be under 500 employees. Foundations and other intermediaries do not qualify. Email us at for more info.

Why Mind Share Partners?

We take a unique, evidence-based approach that goes beyond crisis management to establish long-term impact.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Rather than focusing on crisis management and individual solutions, take a preventative approach to ensure that your teams and organizational culture supports mental health year-round to achieve real, lasting change.

Become management experts, not therapists.

We’re not teaching your employees to be clinicians. We teach workplace-specific management skills to support mental health at work, validated by our clinical advisors, legal counsel, and professional communities.

Learn concrete strategies.

Knowledge and awareness is only the first step. Through interactive activities and stories, we teach you how to be both a compassionate human and a compliant professional, including navigating the ADA, checking in with colleagues, and creating a psychologically safe and inclusive team culture.



Calm for Business is a global wellness solution to support employee mental health and build resilience through clinically proven outcomes including better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved mindfulness. Calm's comprehensive, diverse, and highly accessible mental wellness resources are designed to support the broad spectrum of needs across your workforce.

Looking for more?

Mind Share Partners offers manager trainings, leadership advising, a mental health certification program, and more to achieve true culture change in support for mental health at work.


Become a Certified Mental Health Champion

Mind Share Partners Institute is a virtual certification program that teaches knowledge and skills to create a culture of support for mental health at your organization.


Mind Share Partners Training & Advising

Equip your organization with the knowledge and actionable strategies to name, normalize, and navigate mental health at work.