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Online Peer Group Registration

June 2018 cohort

 This cohort is now at capacity! 

If you would like to join a waitlist, continue the registration process below,

and you will be notified via email if space permits,

Thank you again for your interest in our peer groups.

For questions, email

Thanks for your interest in joining our June 2018 peer group cohort!

Mind Share Partners' peer groups are composed of working professionals that provide support and best practices as they navigate their mental health at work. They are confidential, aren’t associated with any specific employer, and are open to individuals with or without formal diagnoses.

June 2018 cohort

Our June 2018 cohort will meet online for three months on the first and third Monday evening (8:00-9:30pm PST) of every month.

Session dates:

  • June 4

  • June 18

  • July 2

  • July 16

  • August 6

  • August 20

What to expect

Participate actively. We invite participants to share their stories and ideas with the group--it helps us feel connected and allows us to gain exposure to a wide range of strategies and experiences. But if you need to be silent sometimes, that's okay, too. Just stay present and practice active listening. We ask that participants attend 5 of the 6 sessions to maintain continuity of support within the group.

Turn your webcam on. We are committed to the confidentiality and discretion of our peer group participants. Within each session, however, we find that it is important to show up (in this case, over video) to highlight the humanity of mental health and reduce stigma.

Follow our community guidelines. Please review our community guidelines to ensure that this group maintains a sense of trust, safety, and compassion.

Disclaimer. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our peer group members to the best  of our ability. However, there are rare cases that require confidentiality to be broken, such as if there is a perceived risk of harm to self or others. If you have any questions about this policy, please reach out to us.



To register for the June 2018 cohort, please complete the form below. We ask for a suggested tax-deductible donation of $20 to cover the entire cohort. However, if this presents a barrier to you, don’t worry! We accept donations of any amount or simply send us an email.

If you have any questions, please contact Bernie Wong at

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