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Community Partners

Connect your staff, colleagues, and clients to an invaluable resource for managing a mental health condition at work.

Who are community partners?

Community partners are managers, company leaders, and therapists who want to  connect their colleagues, staff, and clients to and evidence-based resource for managing mental health conditions at work.


As a partner, you can share information and access to Mind Share Partners' professional communities while demonstrating your commitment to the mental wellbeing of your employees and clients.


Being a community partner is completely free to companies.

C U R R E N T   P AR T N E R S   I N C L U D E :

What do I get as a company partner?

As a community partner, you gain access to our ready-made email templates, social media images, and flyers to share with your employees. Your employees will gain access to an evidence-based program for resources and support around managing a mental health condition at work.

Share internally via email, Slack, etc.

Print and distribute our physical flyer

Share on social media

Peer referral - Emai capture

Get the Community Partner Toolkit

How do professional communities help?

Mind Share Partners professional communities participants have reported:

Feeling less alone

and being part of a community.

Learning concrete tools

and strategies to use at work.

Being motivated

to be a change agent

in the workplace.

"I finally feel like I am in a group with peers just like myself. Bright, motivated, accomplished, but struggling with an invisible disease."

- Participant


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