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OUR MISSION is to build awareness, support, and acceptance in the workplace for people with mental health conditions. WE ENVISION a world in which everyone is open about their conditions and accepted by others, enabling them to get the treatment that they need to thrive. 

Although mental health awareness is reaching an inflection point in the United States, similar to where the LGBTQ movement was 20 years ago, the workplace has to be involved in order for the culture to change significantly. Even more so, it has to be a leader. Very little currently exists to address mental health at work. Some say that employee assistance plans (EAPs) check this box, but only 3-5% of employees actually use these services.


Mind Share Partners was founded with the particular needs of the workplace and its leaders in mind, catalyzing mentally healthy workplaces that benefit individuals as well as employers and shifting our country’s cultural dynamic.


Research shows that social contact, followed by peer support and education, are the most effective ways to normalize mental illness and reduce stigma. Through our theory of change, we aim to reduce the mental health stigma in the workplace and improve the lives of those affected.

Employees managing mental health conditions


will have less shame and self-stigma, enhanced supports, and increased treatment.


will have a better understanding of mental illness, be equipped to support others, and have less prejudice.

Managers & Colleagues

EMPLOYERS will benefit from cost savings from improved employee mental health, as measured by rates of absenteeism, presenteeism, short and long­-term disability, employee engagement, and turnover.

Theory of Change

Our vision for impact starts with

our three programs

- Peer Groups

- Leader Allies

- Workshops

Employees are empowered to manage their mental health conditions in a SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT

People seek and receive needed TREATMENT, just as they would with other physical illnesses

Companies and communities THRIVE with healthy employees and productive workplaces

Contribute to a MOVEMENT in MENTAL HEALTH by erasing the stigma of mental health conditions

Theory of Change
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