Mind Share Partners is partnering with Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global to curate a blog about workplace mental health.

Do you have thoughts on how to raise awareness or provide useful tools and resources?


Write a first-person essay, interview, trend piece, or research analysis. Give us a fresh take on the subject of workplace mental health.

Length: 600-800 words.

Topic Ideas

This is your chance to share what no one else is thinking or talking about. Be as specific and original as possible, and be sure that your topic is approached from a workplace or career lens.


We want topics like these:

  • "I'm hiding that I have bipolar disorder from my manager."

  • "Does my HR rep care about my mental health or the company?"

  • "Companies are losing $17B annually in productivity."


Please use your full name.

We will accept stories from anonymous individuals only on a case-by-case basis.

Preserve others' anonymity.

In your story, reference others only by their job title, role, or relationship to you. i.e. "My boss, my colleague, my HR rep."

Stay on topic.

Our focus is on mental health in the workplace. Make sure your story aligns with this concept before submitting an idea.

Review our Community Guidelines.

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