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Secure our limited-time special pricing on manager training, and more — book by Dec 31st

Show your employees wellbeing and mental health matter


Limited Time Special Pricing

We aim to help more organizations prioritize mental health as a key part of their employee experience and company culture in the new year. That's why—for a very limited time—we're offering 50% off of our industry-leading workplace mental health training, storytelling, and leadership strategy sessions.

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#1. Manager Training Series

This is our most popular offering because managers hold a vital role in creating and sustaining a mentally healthy team culture. Our manager training series equips managers with concrete skills to navigate mental health at work. See our Houzz case study >


This two-session, interactive course uses storytelling, custom practice scenarios, and team activities to understand:​

  • How to have compassionate, compliant conversations about mental health with team members and colleagues

  • How to build healthy, productive team cultures that proactively support mental health

  • How your identity and working style impacts your mental health and proactive strategies to support your mental health as a leader

#2. Storytelling Event & Communications Strategy

Storytelling is Mind Share Partner’s signature offering, and research has shown it to be one of the most effective ways to normalize mental health, create connections, and teach skills.


We follow up your storytelling event with a custom communications strategy plan for lasting impact that’s reinforced throughout the year. In these custom storytelling sessions designed for all-company audiences, Mind Share will:

  • Coach a panel of employees and leaders to tell personal stories of mental health

  • Weave a custom narrative to educate, connect, and teach audience members about navigating mental health at your company

  • See examples from our Leaders Go First campaign >

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#3. Mental Health Benchmarking & Executive  Session

This impactful combination equips your leadership team to champion mental health and create a custom, data-informed strategy.  See our yahoo! case study>

Our discovery and diagnostics process combines a quantitative survey (with a national benchmark) and qualitative interviews to help your company understand strengths and opportunities around mental health and wellness. We measure attitudes towards mental health, trust in company leadership and managers, and understanding and impact of company resources and initiatives. We then present findings to your executive team in an interactive strategy session to discuss the next steps for mental health strategy and key tools for leaders to support mental health at work.

Remember that your insurance carrier wellness dollars can be used to invest in workplace mental health Initiatives like our offerings above. These funds must be used by the end of the year, or you lose them. Find out if your insurance provider includes wellness dollars in your plan! 

Special prices

🌟 Bonus Resource: A Printable Guide For Managers Across Departments

Mind Share Partners' “Manager Checklist” is a visual reminder of ways to integrate mental health into busy managers' day-to-day responsibilities. Managers can have this visible in their workplace—remote or in-office—for reminders of actions to boost mental health and performance.

Research shows that managers have the same impact on a person’s mental health as a spouse and more than that of a doctor or a therapist. However, the role of managers has vastly increased, which can make supporting mental health feel overwhelming.

Our checklist takes away the guesswork with concrete daily, weekly, and monthly actions so managers can feel supported while creating a mentally healthy team culture.

Get the manager checklist

If you encounter any issues downloading email us at


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Special pricing is available for companies who have not worked with Mind Share during the past year. The solutions above must be implemented by March 1st, 2024.  


For current clients, please reach out to your project contact for opportunities.

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