Workplaces have the opportunity to change the culture of mental health in America.

1 out of 5

people suffer from a

mental health condition

in any given year

8 out of 10

of those do not seek

treatment because of

shame and fear


is lost annually

in the U.S. due to

mental health conditions

In any given year, one out of every five Americans suffers from a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. Despite mental illnesses being more common than cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, they still carry a strong stigma and, consequently, often go untreated. That stigma is especially prevalent in the workplace, where mental health is a taboo topic. Tragically, eight out of ten employees do not seek treatment because of fear and shame. The results are devastating - not only do individuals suffer needlessly in silence, but the economy suffers:  $193B per year is lost in the U.S. annually due to mental health conditions.


Individuals managing a health condition are likely to make significant efforts to “cover” their condition in the workplace, which has been shown to negatively affect their sense of personal opportunity and their commitment to an organization.


Workplaces present both a challenge and an opportunity in mental health: a challenge, because unsupportive work environments are a massive detriment to people seeking help and can render treatments less effective. However, workplaces are also an opportunity: people spend a significant amount of their time in their workplaces, providing an unmatched opportunity for intervention and culture change that is beneficial to an employer’s culture and bottom line.


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