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Registration for our San Francisco peer groups is now open!
Create a mentally healthy workplace.

Mental health conditions affect 1 in 5 Americans every year. That means mental health affects every conference call, every meeting, and every team.


We partner with individuals, company leaders, and employers to create workplaces that support people managing mental health conditions.


Let’s do more than learn how to talk about mental health.

Let’s take the opportunity to make our workplaces better, both for ourselves and for the bottom line.




Connect with people who "get it" by joining a community of working professionals who are managing mental

health conditions.



Company leadership sets the pace for creating an inclusive, productive culture that empowers all employees to give

their best.



Empower your teams and managers to create a culture of trust and build a toolbox of resources.

“It felt like a breath of fresh air. I felt my shoulders drop with the realization that I was not alone.”

Join a team of professionals who are passionate about mental health and workplace culture.

(And pretty fun to be around, too.)

Looking for more?

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on World Mental Health Day

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of our CEO, Kelly Greenwood

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