Workplace Mental Health Training & Strategic Advising

Equip your organization to name, normalize, and navigate mental health at work.

Companies who invest in workplace mental health yield a 4x return on investment and can increase productivity, improve retention, and support diversity & inclusion.


Our Approach


Only naming “stress” and “wellness” can actually further increase stigma—we use “mental health” language openly and address commonly held misbeliefs.


We debunk myths and leverage stats, stories, and the latest research to spark open dialogue, create a shared understanding of the prevalence and impact of mental health at work, and provide concrete skills and ongoing discussion tools.


We discuss how to be both a compassionate human and a compliant professional, including navigating the ADA. We practice tools for having productive conversations about mental health and creating a psychologically safe and inclusive team culture.

Our Offerings

We partner with companies to create a shared understanding of mental health at work, teach tools for compassionate and compliant communications, and build capabilities for creating an adaptive and inclusive culture.

Article: Why a culture change approach matters.


Customized messaging to ensure that support for mental health is felt across your company.

Leader Ally Coaching

Advising for company leaders, who model organizational values, to talk about personal experiences or be allies for mental health in an affirming and destigmatizing way.

Discovery & Diagnostics

In-depth interviews and customizable surveys (stand-alone or integrated with existing employee engagement surveys) to assess mental health prevalence, attitudes, and behaviors at your company, benchmarked against results from our national survey.

Policy Review

Ensuring that your policies are explicit and supportive of your goals in creating a culture of support for mental health.

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Advising

Advising on how to build a safe, compliant, and productive forum for continuing the mental health conversation, providing peer support, and tackling stigma based on our research with leading companies.

Strategy & Initiative Design

Mental health strategies and initiatives integrated into your wellness strategy, diversity and inclusion strategy, or as a part of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Mental Health Trainings

Research-based, interactive workshops and trainings to build a shared understanding of mental health and teach skills for leaders, managers, and teams to create a trusting and inclusive culture for mental health at work. We take a proactive approach through a management lens to design custom trainings.

Mind Share Partners Institute

Offsite certification program to learn the essential knowledge and skills to start a culture of mental health at your company.  

Want to Learn More?

Download our sample package offerings or contact us to have a free 15 minute strategy call to discuss your needs.

For budgets of $5K or less, learn more about our Mind Share Partners Institute.


"Mind Share Partners is a key partner when it comes to normalizing mental health in the workplace. They came onsite during our mental health fair and hosted an engaging session around how to discuss mental health in the workplace and how mental health impacts different minority groups. We definitely plan on continuing the discussion and having them onsite again. The feedback was extremely positive from our employees."



​The Impact of Workplace Mental Health Training & Advising

Maximize engagement & productivity.

Unsupportive environments can trigger or worsen mental health conditions. Organizations that reduce stigma will increase productivity, reduce missed work days and disability claims, and prevent crisis situations.

Reduce stigma & improve benefits utilization.

Research shows that employees who feel shame won’t seek treatment. When mental health is a safe topic at work, employees are more likely to use their mental health benefits. In fact, up to 80% of people can be symptom-free with the right treatment.

Create an inclusive culture.

Employees who don’t feel supported are less engaged and less effective at work. Companies who address mental health in their diversity and inclusion strategy open the door for psychologically safe, empowered teams. Read more about mental health and diversity and inclusion.

Investing in workplace mental health yields a 4x ROI.

84% of our workshop participants felt more comfortable talking about mental health at work.

77% of our workshop participants said they were more willing to hire or work with a colleague with a mental health condition.


Case Studies

300 employees
Technology startup

nhra white.png

150-person HR conference
Human resources

See how other organizations are creating a culture of support for mental health. (YouTube)



What Makes Us Different

Creating a mentally healthy workplace is more than just learning about mental health conditions and their signs and symptoms. Learn why.

We help you create a culture of support for mental health.

Rather than focusing on crisis management, we take a prevention approach to address stigma and ensure that your underlying culture supports mental health year-round to achieve real, lasting change.

We take a management lens.

Our team members are experienced management professionals who collaborate with our clinical advisors, legal counsel, and professional communities.

We reduce stigma so that people can seek support when they need it.

Research shows that employees don’t use company benefits if they don't feel safe and supported to do so.


Partner with us

Download our sample package offerings and contact us to have a free 15-minute strategy call to discuss your needs.

For budgets of $5K or less, learn more about our Mind Share Partners Institute.

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