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“Mind Share Partners have been wonderful partners. I’ve felt through this whole process that we’re in this together, that it wasn’t just Mind Share Partners [providing a service]—that we really partnered hand-in-hand, with a similar mission, united, flexible, listening to each other’s feedback. So that has been truly wonderful to work together on. I don’t often miss a vendor, but I did find that happening [during breaks in our work together].”

- Barbara Fuchs, VP of Talent Management at PGIM


A Roadmap to Guide Your Employee Wellbeing Initiatives

Employees are turning to HR for mental health support. Mind Share Partners has a framework to guide you.

There is a lot of noise in the workplace mental health landscape today, making it challenging to know where to start, and what actions will make a difference. 


We created a framework to guide HR and People leaders based upon our own work and successes with clients across industries, regions, and sizes.

🌟 In this downloadable, you’ll get:

I. The ecosystem of a mentally healthy workplace framework to help you understand where your organization is doing well and where you can add additional support—including a guiding checklist.

II. Key success factors for mental Health programs to help with the "how" of implementing each part of the ecosystem. 

III. A case study on mental health days.

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