Creating a Mental Health Strategy for 2020

A Guiding Framework by Mind Share Partners

for HR, Talent, and DEI leaders

February 6, 2020 (Thursday)

10:00am - 10:30am Pacific // 12:00pm Central, 1:00pm Eastern

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Did you know?

Companies who invest in workplace mental health yield an average 4:1 ROI (up to 9:1) by increasing employee productivity, improving retention, and supporting diversity & inclusion.

Deloitte, 2017.

Natasha Krol

Principal at Mind Share Partners
Natasha Krol leads Mind Share Partners’ workplace training and strategic advising. She builds high impact relationships with companies, advising and training leaders, managers, and employees on how to create a culture of support for mental health.

What You'll Learn

Research shows that employees want their companies to address mental health.


As a leader focused on people and company culture, you know the importance of addressing mental health but want clarity around what will actually support the mental health of your employees—beyond perks and benefits. You want to have a plan and learn how to effectively incorporate mental health into your existing wellness strategy. That’s where we can help.

Mind Share Partners is a leader in workplace mental health. Join our Principal, Natasha Krol, in this interactive webinar to learn how to create a mental health strategy for your organization, including:

  • How Mind Share Partners' unique framework "Name, Normalize, Navigate" can help your organization address mental health in your current 2020 talent strategy.

  • Learn concrete strategies you can start implementing today to support culture change.

  • Ask your most pressing questions about integrating mental health in your talent strategy and company culture in the final Q&A portion.

Looking for more resources?

Mind Share Partners equip organizations with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to name, normalize, and navigate mental health at work.

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